Information for Students

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A warm welcome to FAU!

You have been selected to CEP? Congratulations and a warm welcome to FAU!
In the video the FAU president Professor Dr. Joachim Hornegger and FAU students are welcoming you to FAU and informing about its history, location and student life.

Preparation of your stay

Coming to FAU, starting your studies and studying in a different city or country poses several questions. We have therefore collected some hints, videos and links that will be helpful to you.

Information on the neccessary formalities upon arrival

Information on the neccessary formalities upon arrival is given during the Welcome Week and can be found on FAU’s website for incoming students.

First steps and orientation at the Faculty of Engineering

The first steps at the Faculty of Engineering offer additional information and hints.

Activating your IDM account

You need access to FAU’s Identity Management System for many different reasons (e.g. email address, library account, FAU ID card). A YouTube-video of an FAU student will guide you through the different steps to activate your IdM account.

Get the FAU app

In the free FAU app you can get all information for student life – menu, timetable – all in one place.

Choosing modules and creating your individual timetable

  • Choose a specialisation in energy systems or energy technologies (MSc. only). This decision does not need to be communicated to the coordination office, it will be locked in when you register for exams yourself.
  • See the curriculum for the BSc. CEP or the degree study plan for MSc. CEP. The course structure is given per semester. Please look in the individual columns i.e. under “1st. sem.” for the first semester etc.
    Master’s students need to compare the module catalogue of their specialisation with the study plan of MSc. CEP and decide upon their courses.
  • There are compulsory and elective modules. Elective modules can be chosen from basically all FAU modules. Compulsory modules are mandatory. Compulsory elective modules allow students to choose from a list of fixed modules for the degree programme.
  • Take also note of when your preferred seminars run, in the winter term (WS) or in the summer term (SS). Most courses run only in the winter term or summer term, not in both terms.
  • Most module courses consist of two or three lectures. Make sure to always add all necessary courses that a module consists of (i.e. lecture, exercise/tutorial, lab work etc.) to your timetable.
    Usually there are at least two courses for each module course. Please refer to the curriculum for the BSc. CEP or the degree study plan for MSc. CEP.
  • A detailed step by step guide on how to create your timetable is available here.

Elective modules

  • Elective modules from the FAU range – Modules B5 and B28 in the B.Sc. CEP and modules M12 and M13 in the M.Sc. CEP.
  • The electives should be either chosen from a list offered specifically for Module M12 and M13 or soft skills, language courses (except English and native language) and „Schlüsselqualifikationen” (key qualifications) offered at FAU.
  • In principle, all FAU modules are open to you for the elective module that are approved for guest students or for which the lecturer declares his/her agreement. There are many offers for this in UnivIS, see Course Catalogue under “Key Qualifications” and/or “Faculty of Engineering” under “Lectures for all students of the Faculty of Engineering“.
  • Exceptions apply to English language and native language courses as well as CEP modules. These cannot be chosen as an elective.
  • Recommended are Soft skills, language courses (except English and native language) and„Schlüsselqualifikationen offered at FAU.
  • 5 ECTS points are allocated for each elective module. If necessary, you can choose two modules with 2.5 ECTS points each to make up one elective module in sum.
  • You may not be able to register for the elective module examinations on your own. Please send an email with the details of your degree programme, your enrolment number and the respective examination number (if known) to the responsible person at the examinations office.

Advice centres and services at FAU

A list of all advice centres and services at FAU can be found under: